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Winter 2020-21
-No live events anticipated until May!  Given our covid world
--May 16th:  Sticks and Stone at the MacLab Theatre in Leduc, 
Children's Show. Livestreamed with as large an audience live as allowed.
-Output of music-videos with Sticks and Stone on social-media still intended.  Work on next album as well.  And teaching!

Marimba Around the World

Drumming Up Excitement with 7DS for Dances-- On Pause


From weddings to the Summer Solstice Festival to regular Friday night Swing Jams at Sugar Swing,  Stephen had until recently been keeping busy with the Seven Deadly Syncopators, a band for swing dances.   Since its first dance on 27 Jan, 2017, 7DS has:

-been the first band to play in the new Sugar Swing Ballroom

-played for a Great Gatsby themed party

-played for the Summer Solstice Dance Festival

-Performed at the Lindy Harvest Dance Festival

-the wedding of 2 of Edmonton's most prominent swing dancers. 
-Performed at Round Midnight in Calgary.

-Created a monthly Swing Music Jam night at the Sugar Swing Ballroom

-Performed for the St Joseph's Ignite Gala at the Chateau Lacombe

-Performed for New Years Eve

-Performed for Edmonton's Swing 'N Skate in City Hall

Instagram Post from  2nd dance at Sugar Swing on Sat Mar 25, 2016

This 7-person traditional swing band is made up of musicians who, for the most part, are also swing dance instructors.  It has been a project I have always been super excited about...

As with most swing-dancing events, it is somewhat on pause in these times of Covid.