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-Sun 8 May 5pm Colibri Chorale Concert, Hosana Lutheran Church (supporting percussion)
-Tues 10 May Oilers Playoff Game, Oilers Drum and Brass
-13 May:  Lois Hole School event, Arts Week with Sticks and Stone Percussion
-14 May, 7-9pm:  The Station on Jasper, Sticks and Stone Percussion
Rescheduled due to Oilers/Kings Game 7, find us on the street near Rogers Place...
-28 May 7pm, 29 May 2pm:  Te Deum Singer Choir event, Lendrum Church (percussion support)
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Sticks and Stone performs for festivals, weddings, educational performances, corporate events, markets and is open to playing for a little of anything!  We are currently setting up many summer events.
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